3rd Energy-as-a-Service

Energy is being used everywhere. Unfortunately, most existing energy technologies burn fossil fuels and emit carbon dioxide. To avoid the most severe impacts of climate change, low and zero-carbon technologies must replace current methods of energy production and use by consumers. Unfortunately, different policies, regulations, and barriers cannot solve this problem entirely. Hence, additional measures should be implemented to increase market adoption of low-carbon technologies. The solution is the Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model.

This virtual conference is a unique event gathering professionals responsible for Energy-as-a-service, Energy Management, and Energy Efficiency, specifically from Power and Utilities operator companies. It creates an excellent & interactive platform for Energy leaders to share and brainstorm on common challenges, exchanges ideas, and network without leaving their desks.

  • Data Exchange Framework 
  • Load Modelling suitable for transient and dynamic analysis of power systems 
  • The future role of distribution system operators 
  • Optimizing design in a practical way 
  • Energy Resilience in the EU 
  • How innovation, research & technology can help to decarbonize businesses? 
  • Documenting EaaS energy savings 

Our expert panel at the ” 3rd Energy as a Service” conference:

TenneT is a Transmission System Operator (TSO) with sophisticated control systems that ensure the grid’s stability and the security of the electric supply. TenneT uses 24,500 km of high-voltage wires and cables in the Netherlands and Germany to deliver electricity to 42 million households and businesses. They aim to lead as a green and responsible grid operator in how they conduct their own business. It is one of Europe’s most significant investors in national and cross-border transport infrastructure on land and at sea.

Å Energi is a Norwegian renewable energy company offering Smart EO, a data-as-a-service for the real estate and industrial sectors. It combines physical sensors with a data platform to provide real-time, high-resolution energy monitoring and consulting data. The service is offered internationally, including in the Nordics, UK, and several European countries.

Enerpac is renowned for developing, engineering, constructing, and managing distributed utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) installations. It has its headquarters in Germany. With over 2,500 megawatts in Enerparc AG’s inventory, they have brought 3,600 megawatts of photovoltaic output to date and have overseen 540 projects across more than 25 countries.

European Senate of Economy and Technology is a non-profit organization founded by the Senate of Economy Austria, a neutral body. In its council, the government receives advice on matters about the collective good from honorable and well-respected individuals in business, politics, industry, and academia. In addition, the European Union co-founded EUTEC, the most prominent technological chamber in Europe, to unite individuals and groups with a vision for building a shared future.

E-REDES is the leading operator of the electricity distribution network in Portugal for high, medium, and low-voltage grids. Its infrastructure connects over 6 million Portuguese customers across 220,000 km of lines. E-Redes focuses on energy efficiency solutions and a more competent distribution network.

Aventron is a renewable energy investment firm specializing in acquiring and operating hydro, wind, and solar power plants in Switzerland and a few other European nations. The business manages the setup and maintenance of the installations, arranges finance as needed, implements operational enhancements, and is in charge of the Group’s financial control and reporting. End of December 2021, the portfolio of power plants had a 680 MW capacity.

Ask Your Boss

We wish that everyone who is interested in attending the 3rd Energy as a Service conference will be able to do so. How to convince your boss to pay for the conference? To make things easier for you, we created some email templates that you can even copy and paste into your boss’s inbox.

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Rainer Bachmann
Kristian Aarstad Vennemoe
Head of Smart EO - Å Energi, Norway
BASE - Dimitris Karamitsos
Senior Energy Efficiency Business Developer Specialist, Basel Agency for Sustainable Development (BASE), Switzerland
Pietro Rabassi, Nord Pool
Executive Vice President, Nord Pool, Germany
Salvatore Cataldi, Building IoT Senior Expert – European Building Automation Controls Association (eu.bac), Belgium
Building IoT Senior Expert – European Building Automation Controls Association (eu.bac), Belgium
Head of Energy Efficiency and Electric Mobility, E-Redes, Portugal
Business Developer Electricity Markets, TenneT, The Netherlands
Head of Constuction/Project Manager, Enerparc AG, Germany
Director, Aventron, Switzerland

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Event Details
  • Start Date
    February 14, 2023 13:00
  • End Date
    February 15, 2023 17:00


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